Seoul Semiconductor Brings SunLike LED Technology Home

time:2018-10-25| Author:admin

Seoul Semiconductor, a Korea based LED maker, has announced that its innovated LED technology “SunLike” is applied to home lighting products and will be launched in Q3.


                                                                                                                                                                 (Image: Seoul Semiconductor)
The effects of lighting on the physical and psychological status of people have become one of the main focuses of the lighting industry. The concept of human centric lighting emphasizes the possibilities of how lighting technology development can not only save energy but improve the health condition of human beings. By integrateing the optical technology from Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R technology from Toshiba Materials, SunLike optimizes the RGB (red, green, and blue) balance, lowers the blue light wavelength and makes the light source spectrum equivalent to sunlight.

According to Seoul Semiconductor, a Korean LED lighting firm, Mimi lighting has implemented SunLike technology to its products targeting home lighting market scheduled in 3Q18. With SunLike technology, the home lighting products could maximize the advantage of natural light, protecting eyes and maintaining human circadian rhythm.

Minsu Son, Marketing Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor, said,“It is very meaningful that SunLike, the innovative LED technology resembling natural light, has been applied to home lighting and its technology has been recognized by the customers for providing healthy light to consumers.”

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